WA Poll 1/3 March 2017


Labor takes an election winning lead into the last week of the campaign with the party ahead of the Liberals in terms of primary support and Mark McGovern considered a better choice of Premier over Colin Barnett.

Primary Vote

Election Mar 2013 1/3 Mar 2017
Liberal 47.1% 31%
National 6.1% 5%
Total Liberal/ National 53.2% 36%
Labor 33.1% 40%
The Greens 8.4% 8%
One Nation -% 9%
Another party or an independent candidate 5.3% 7%

4% uncommitted or refused excluded

Thinking about state politics. If a state election for Western Australia was held today, which one of the following would you vote for?

Two party preferred

Election Mar 2013 1/3 Mar 2017
Liberal/ National 57.3% 46%
Labor 42.7% 54%

Better Premier

Total Lib/ Nat Labor
Colin Barnett 33% 70% 7%
Mark McGowan 46% 10% 81%
Uncommitted 21% 20% 12%

Thinking now about the leaders of the parties. Who do you think would make the better Premier?

This survey was conducted by Galaxy Research between 1-3 March 2017. The results are based on the opinions of 1,115 voters. The data has been weighted and projected to reflect the population of Western Australia.