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Victoria Poll 16/17 February 2017


The Labor Party in Victoria has maintained a narrow lead over the Coalition despite a high level of dissatisfaction with the Premier, Daniel Andrews, and growing community concern over safety.

Primary Vote

Election Nov 2014 15/17 Nov 2016 16/17 Feb 2017
Labor Party 38.1% 37% 37%
Liberal Party 36.5% 37% 36%
The Nationals 5.5% 5% 5%
Total Coaltion 42.0% 42% 41%
The Greens 11.5% 12% 10%
One Nation -% -% 8%
Another party or an independent candidate 8.4% 9% 4%

5% uncommitted or refused excluded

Thinking about state politics. If a state election for Victoria was held today, which one of the following would you vote for?

Two party preferred

Election Nov 2014 15/17 Nov 2016 16/17 Feb 2017
Labor 52.0% 52% 51%
Coalition 48.0% 48% 49%

Satisfaction with Premier

Total Labor Coalition
Satisfied 35% 60% 19%
Dissatisfied 52% 26% 73%
Uncommitted 13% 14% 8%

Thinking now about the leaders of the parties. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Daniel Andrews is doing his job as Premier?

Public safety


15/17 Nov
16/17 Feb
Labor Coalition
More safe 15% 15% 24% 10%
Less safe 44% 52% 34% 71%
No different 31% 27% 34% 18%
Uncommitted 10% 6% 8% 1%

In your opinion, as a place to live, do you think Victoria has become more safe or less safe since the Andrews Government was elected?

This survey was conducted by Galaxy Research between 16 and 17 February 2017. The results are based on the opinions of 1,085 voters. The data has been weighted and projected to reflect the Victorian population.

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