AIMSC demand monitor

For: Supply Nation formerly AIMSC (Australian Indigenous Minority Supplier Council)

Issue: AIMSC needed to better understand the needs of its members including building an understanding of:

  • Their current procurement procedures/policies and strategies
  • How Indigenous business fits into the current procurement environment
  • Perceptions of the current AIMSC offering
  • How current and future procurement trends will impact procurement
  • How AIMSC can work better as a conduit between corporate and Government members and its accredited suppliers

How:  We used the AIMSC member database to conduct 25 depth interviews across a range of Government and non-Government members.

Outcome: We identified a number of issues that are common to newly formed organisations. Key was that the general premise had traction and a lot of promise for development over time, but that it would be crucial that this development occurred in a timely and relevant manner.  Ensuring member engagement would be critical for future success as would be the up-skilling of AIMSC certified suppliers so that they could be competitive in the future procurement environments of these diverse member organisations.