26/27 Feb 2014


With an election due later in the year the state of Victoria is evenly poised.  While Denis Napthine is seen as a better choice of Premier than Daniel Andrews, the Labor Party hold a narrow lead on a two party preferred basis.

Primary Vote

Election Nov 2010 26/27 Feb 2014
The Liberal Party 38.0% 37%
The Nationals 6.8% 5%
Total Coalition 44.8% 42%
Labor Party 36.2% 39%
The Greens 11.2% 12%
Another party or an independent candidate 7.8% 7%

6% uncommitted or refused excluded

Two party preferred

Election Nov 2010 26/27 Feb 2014
Coalition 51.6% 49%
Labor 48.4% 51%

This survey was conducted by Galaxy Research on the evenings of 26-27 February 2014.  The results are based on the opinions of 1,068 voters.  The data has been weighted and projected to reflect the Victorian population.