13 February 2014


The Labor Party are set to reclaim the seat of Redcliffe next weekend.  Primary support for the LNP has plummeted since the election in 2012 with many voters dissatisfied with the former LNP member, Scott Driscoll, who won the seat less than two years ago in the landslide election of March 2012.

Primary Vote

Election Mar 2012 13 Feb 2014
LNP 49.2% 35%
Labor 30.8% 48%
The Greens 6.7% 6%
Family First 4.5% 1%
Len Thomas - 8%
Other 8.8% 2%

6% uncommitted or refused excluded

On 22nd February there will be a state by-election in your seat of Redcliffe.  If you had to make a decision today on who you would vote for, who would you choose?

Two party preferred

Election Mar 2012 13 Feb 2014
LNP 60.1% 43%
Labor 39.9% 57%

This survey was conducted by Galaxy Research on the evening of 13 February 2014.  The results are based on the opinions of 520 voters.  The data has been weighted and projected to reflect the population of the Redcliffe electorate.